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Map Expanded

Zombunny Owner posted Jul 19, 17

The map has been expanded 2000 blocks in all directions.

Enjoy :)

Like Forum Posts

groovyloopylou posted Jun 13, 17

Do you like a forum post you read? Now you can show that you do!

Click the diamond on any post to show the post author your support and add to their forum rep count!

Raspudean Add a dislike button. <3


Zombunny Owner posted Jun 9, 17

The Server Has Updated to 1.12


Chestshop is broken, for now.

PvP management is broken - PvP is disabled for now.

All the holograms broke.

The chat hover is broken

Changes TBC

Worldborder to be expanded

New mall and shop system to be implemented

Some other stuff to do with money

Raspudean What does implemented mean?
CelsoCordeiro Keep up the good work!

Exam Time

groovyloopylou posted May 8, 17

With a lot of you having exams coming up, we realise sometimes its hard to log off and stay logged off to revise.

If you want us to temp ban you so you can loose some temptation to put mc before your future, just ask any staff member for one.

This won't reflect on your player standing :)

Good luck with your exams!

Mob Spawners Are Here!

Audiix Admin posted Apr 22, 17

So as I'm sure a lot of you have been anxious for mob spawners to be sold in the server shop!
Well, your wait has ended!!!!
No this was not an April fools joke to those who thought it may be.
Because of difficulties implementing the spawners properly into vanilla through the shop; Spawners will work as such.

For more info on requirements and how to buy a mob spawner Click Here!

Forums>Official Stuff & Announcements>Mob Spawners

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