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Zombunny Owner posted Sep 25, 17

Endless Survival | Rules

Endless Survival is an accepting community for all players to enjoy. In order to ensure everyone’s time on the server is a pleasant one, and to remove confusion there are a number of rules that all players must follow.

These rules cover a number of gameplay aspects including what is allowed and banned in normal gameplay and regulations for building and getting protections/claims. You can see a brief list of rules by typing /rules in game. An in depth explanation is laid out below.

If you are caught rule breaking you may expect one of several sanctions against you. These sanctions will follow a stepwise approach, except in more serious cases. The sanctions are laid out below.


1: Verbal Warning: You will be warned in chat by staff. No further action will be taken provided you do as asked and do not repeat the offence.

2: Written Warning/Kick: You will be warned by staff. This will be on your record and if the offence is repeated the resulting punishment will increase in severity.

3: Temporary Mute: You will be muted by a staff member for a period of time relative to the offence. If you then spam commands you will be jailed.

4: Prison Time: You will be temporarily jailed for up to 24 hours. You might also be muted during this time if you were or begin annoying us in chat. You can still login to the server, but you'll be sitting in jail until you have done your time. You can appeal this sanction on the forums.

5: Temporary Ban: You will be temporarily banned from the server for up to one week. You may appeal on the forums for the ban to be lifted or shortened. Your third temp ban will be upgraded to a permanent ban.

6: Ban: You will be banned from the server unless you appeal on the forums. An appeal is no guarantee you will be unbanned.

7: IPBan: Your IP address will be banned and you will not be able to access the server with any account unless you appeal on the forums. An appeal is no guarantee you will be unbanned.

General Rules

0: Don't be a dick.

This is a very general rule that extends to what is and is not acceptable in chat, on signs, what you build in public locations etc. If players feel that they are being discriminated against, staff will intervene and ensure that it no longer happens. For the most part, staff will not intervene. We do not have a list of what is and what is not acceptable, it will be up to the staff online at the time.

Sanctions you can expect for breaking this rule: Level 1 - 7 (depending on the nature of the offence).

1: Don't spam the chat

Our chat does not have a “No cursing” rule, and we won’t introduce one. You won’t be sanctioned for swearing on the chat, unless it is repeatedly directed at another player who takes offence to it. We do not tolerate flaming or spamming the chat, whether it’s in /msg to another player, or globally. Exactly what constitutes spam is up to the staff online at the time. Please don't directly attack another player, there is a line between banter and blatant hate towards a specific person.

Sanctions you can expect for breaking this rule: Level 1 - 5

2: Don't grief or steal

You must claim your land with grief protection. Staff will not rollback griefed land that is unclaimed. (Players offline for over 6 months will lose their protection on their claim).

Unclaimed land, chests and animals are there for the taking. If you have permission to build on the land, even if it's claimed you can do anything you want, it is up to the landowner to protect their land properly.

As always, if you are being a dick about it or, staff will intervene under rule 0. For example: griefing a perfectly good building simply for fun is frowned upon.

Bypassing the land protection systems to grief is taken seriously and you can expect at least a tempban even if it's your first offence.

Sanctions you can expect for breaking this rule: Level 5 - 6

3: Don't break the PvP barrier

This map PvP is blocked except in PvP arenas. If you want to lava your friends or make traps in your protected land staff will turn a blind eye, provided the victim consents to it. Staff will not replace any items lost due to general fuckery of this sort. If you agree to ignore this rule and then cry to staff about it we will laugh at you.

Damaging players who never consented to PvP (building traps anyone can fall into, killing new players with lava, TPing people to PvP arenas without their knowledge etc) will be taken seriously.

Sanctions you can expect for breaking this rule: Level 4 - 6

4: Don't pretend to be staff if you are not staff

Our staff team are active and are more than capable of dealing with rule-breakers. While we appreciate the support from the community, it becomes frustrating for both staff and the player being dealt with if you are trying to do the staff teams job.

Sanctions you can expect for breaking this rule: Level 1 - 4

5: Don't ask staff for ranks or items

The exceptions to this rule are obvious e.g., if you know you qualify for a rank and haven’t been automatically promoted.

Sanctions you can expect for breaking this rule: Level 1 - 4

6: Do not advertise other servers

If it’s not minecraft related it’s probably fine, although you should check with staff first. Advertising another Minecraft server or its IP will result in an immediate Ban. This includes telling people to check out *name of server*. Even if it does not include the joining IP, you are still advertising and it is taken very seriously.

Sanctions you can expect for breaking this rule: Level 7

7: Do not bypass your ban with an alt

Appeal on the forums and wait for a decision. If you bypass a ban with an alt we will find out and you will be IP banned.

Sanctions you can expect for breaking this rule: Level 7

8: Don't use hacks or cheats

Anything that gives you an unfair advantage is classed as cheating. This includes hacked clients, all minimaps,  xray resource packs, orefinders etc. If you want to use a mod, check with staff first. Optifine is not banned and is in fact encouraged.

Sanctions you can expect for breaking this rule: Level 2 - 7 (Depending on severity, will usually be 4 - 6)

9: Staff decisions at the time are final

It’s really that simple. Ignoring or arguing with a staff decision in the server chat is not allowed, if you want to appeal do so on the forums.

Sanctions you can expect for breaking this rule: Level 3 - 5

10: Ignoring guidelines

If you ignore the guidelines below (after being given a reasonable time to make changes, except in cases where server performance is being impacted) below after being spoken to informally by staff then staff will take action on your behalf and punish you for their trouble.

Sanctions you can expect for breaking this rule: Level 2 - 5

General Guidelines

  • Don’t build or claim within 100 blocks of another player without permission
  • No more than 20 blazes in the loaded chunks around a blaze spawner at any time.
  • Entity limit for a 100x100 area is 400
  • Entity limit for a 7x7 or smaller farm is 100
  • Don't build 1x1 (or similar) pillars into the sky and leave them there
  • Don't destroy small shores of sand
  • Don't leave trees floating, cut the whole thing down.
  • Fast redstone clocks must have an off switch, and be left off when not in use.
  • Minimise the amount of hoppers and pistons in your redstone.
  • Try not to build laggy machines wherever possible.


Mitcchan Admin posted Sep 21, 17

ES is currently whitelisted and is in the process of being reset. We will be back open some point tomorrow, on version 1.12.2.

More details will come on the forums tomorrow.

Plutovamp : D Finally!!!
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